Dynamic Hotelytics gives every hotelier and hotel the ability to keep up with the fast paced enviroments that are critical for short and long term success. Measure your success with our tool through our "K.P.I. Dash Board". Key Perfomance Indicators are the gateway to monitoring success versus failure.
  1. Forecast Revenue
    Forecasting Revenue has never been this accurate. Get Revenue forecast recommendations based on historical data and current market trends. The domino effect is truly gratifying when you see your expenses and labor expenditures come to fruition
  2. Cutting Edge Calculations
    Get rid of your calculator. Hotelytics is going to make the "old school" calculator obsolete. Whatever need you could possibly imagine from a financial perspective is readily available. Playing a round of golf? No worries we have the uncanny ability to check your flow
  3. Housekeeping Control
    Do you have productive housekeeping staff at your hotel? Are they aware of their time productivity performance? Our state of the art system allows them to stay informed of crucial standards in regards to their daily time.
  4. Evolving Budget
    Are you short falling your annual budget that your created months ago from a top line perspective? Don't worry we insure that the property management is aware of their new budget standard based on revenue projections. They are always aware of the evolving budget.
  5. Flow Through vs Flex
    Does your company have a flow goal? Dynamic Hotelytics gets the importance of meeting your monthly and yearly goals. Daily updates via our Dynamic Auto Email/Text feature that can keep everyone abreast to each properties progress and status on the goals set forth by the executive team.
  6. Updates via Email or Text
    You set the rules for your hotels specifically based on individual need. Hotelytics has the ability to set up various rules. Examples: Exceeding budgeted C.P.O.R. for accounts which incorporate the 11th edition chart of accounts. Management Companies can set up alerts for the entire portfolio.
  7. Compile Data
    Our budget, forecast, labor, checkbook tool's and time clock integration delivers real-time labor data. Automatically upload your daily occupancy information or use our easy night audit entry process.
  8. Employee Communication
    Employees can access their most recent work schedules, rooms sold at any time via their personal login. Enable employees to view how many hours they’ve worked at any time. Employees can optionally submit time off requests via the employee portal. Managers can approve or deny these requests and automatically add approvals to the schedule.
  9. Staff Accordingly
    When occupancy rises and falls, your costs should do the same. Management will be able to staff intelligently at all times.The hours the managers are allowed to schedule are based on your own labor guidelines and forecast. Our application alerts managers to possible overtime, understaffing, and overstaffing before it happens.